Utah Chapter Scholarships

IAVM Utah Chapter Scholarship Opportunities

Jody Lake Diversity and Women in Leadership Scholarship

The Jody Lake Diversity and Women in Leadership Scholarship focuses on identifying and developing the talent of venue professionals in the event management field.  The scholarship is in recognition of the 40-year career of Jody Lake in the traditionally male-dominated industry.  Open to all applicants living and working in the Utah Chapter area, special consideration will be given to those who have traditionally been underrepresented in the venue management industry.

 The Utah Chapter Executive Committee will determine applicants who qualify for consideration and scholarship amounts to be awarded.  Scholarship funding will be awarded to enable attendance to IAVM schools and conferences or any other related and appropriate venue management industry professional development offerings.

Award Criteria:

IAVM Utah Chapter General Scholarship


First priority will be give to applicants attending Venue Management School (VMS); second priority to applicants attending VMS Graduate Institute (VMS-GI); third priority to applicants attending various other IAVM designated learning conferences and workshops. Financial need will also be an important determining factor.

Award Criteria: