IAVM Certifications

IAVM offers two certifications:  the Certified Venue Executive (CVE) and the Certified Venue Professional (CVP).  Both the CVE and CVP programs develop a standard of professionalism for public assembly venue managers and assures recognition for those who attain the specific standards.

Why Certification?

The Certified Venue Executive is the elite credential of the IAVM association and is highly regarded by industry professionals.  An individual with a CVE designation possesses significant years of experience in the industry in addition to holding a top-tiered position within a venue or organization.

The Certified Venue Professional program is geared toward the middle to senior level managers.  The CVP credential signifies that an individual is a capable professional, dedicated to the industry, and is committed to continued growth and development.

Detailed information about the CVE and CVP certifications can be found at:


Utah Chapter Certifications (to date)

Certified Venue Executives:

J. Scott Williams, CVE

Jody Lake, CVE

Larry Duffin, CVE

Phil Jordan, CVE

Jamie Galileo, CVE

Danny Wheeler, CVE

Scott Kavanaugh, CVE

Justin Durfey, CVE

Mark Burk, CVE

Kevin Bruder, CVE

Marty Smith, CVE

Jennifer Graham, CVE

Certified Venue Professionals:

Angela Vanderwell, CVP

Alex Russo, CVP

Tucker Lougee, CVP

Brian Polokoff, CVP

Chewi Lockhart, CVP

Courtney Strong, CVP

Lisa Brindley, CVP

Tanya May, CVP

Duncan Olsen, CVP

Mariko Rollins, CVP